If you have actually had woodworm, you’ll understand exactly what a problem it can be. Left without treatment, they can trigger lots of damage to your possessions and they are infamously hard to deal with. Take a look at our 3 methods to avoid getting woodworm and exactly what to if you do get it.

Ways to avoid woodworm

Guarantee your home is damp-free

Woodworm is, in fact, a term used to wood boring larvae of beetles, and they love to hide in warm, wet conditions. If you have a leak that is causing wood to go rotten in your home, or if your house is not well insulated, woodworm will quickly discover a way in. If you have wood that is going mouldy, this will simply motivate them to burrow much deeper. Ensure you examine your home regularly for leaks and if you observe any moist areas get them rectified right away.

Do not keep untreated wood in your house

Still waiting for the ideal minute to treat that charming wooden chair you bought? The ideal time is now. Woodworms will burrow in furnishings together with driftwood and fire wood, so now is the time to check and deal with all wood that you are going to keep in or near your house. Do not overlook your wood furnishings – they require varnishing regularly. If you leave them for several years at a time, you risk of getting a woodworm problem.

Do not believe the myths

Good deals of people think that as quickly as you have removed woodworm from your wooden items, they are safe from being infested once again. This is not true. In truth, the boreholes made by the woodworm are a perfect nesting place for a beetle to lay their eggs, so your damaged items are in reality at a higher danger of getting repeat woodworm invasions. That’s why it’s important to keep your wood home furnishings maintained so you do not end up with several issues.

Indications that you’ve got an issue

If you presume that you have got a woodworm intrusion, look out for the following:
  • Little, dartboard-like holes in your woodwork
  • Powdery dust around the holes
  • Boards and joists with crumbly edges
  • Adult beetles around your house or coming out of the holes

The best ways to find out if you need to call a pest controller

If you have really just got holes and powerdy dust around the holes in your woodwork, it does not always indicate that you have really got a present invasion. To help you tell whether you have an existing issue that needs repairing, you can:
  • Paint over holes with emulsion or obstruct them with masking tape in the winter, then analyse in the spring to see if any adult beetles have emerged
  • Check the humidity of your woodwork with a moisture meter – anything about 20% is cause for concern, as woodworm love damp wood
If it’s not looking great, it’s time to call a pest controller. They will be able to suggest the best way to remove the woodworm and prevent them from returning. Fill in our form to utilise our service and get up to 4 completely free, no-obligation quotes.

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